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Saturday, March 21, 2009

In Memoriam, Ray Soderberg, my father, who passed away last week. He introduced me to railroads when I was young. We lived 200' from the B&O's Metropolitan Sub Division and my father and I would sit outside in the backyard on summer evenings and watch B&O trains pass by. I remember coal trains powered with GP9's and F units braking for a nearby curve in a cloud of brake shoe smoke and coal dust. He encouraged me to continue to follow railroads as I got older by taking me track side to various locations on the B&O and to several short lines. His favorite was the Winchester & Western. Yes, while I was in school I participated in some sports and other activities like other kids but railroads kept me occupied and out of trouble as I spent my "off" time reading, researching and photographing railroads.

In 1979, after many attempts, I was hired by Southern Railway. During my first 6 months on SR, my father greeted me at home after many 12 hour shifts and continued to encourage me after long, hard, tiring days. Through many tough days of my life, railroading and the railroad family has provided me comfort, relief and a lot of happiness. While others may find relaxation and enjoyment by watching TV, playing golf or having a few beers, I relax and find joy by working on track or running trains and working with other railroaders. Thanks Dad for your patience, understanding, encouragement and assistance in finding my passion. As I move forward in my life, my railroad life, career. I will always remember the time we spent together as father and son watching trains roll by. God Bless.

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