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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

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A Summary Of The Railroad Plans in the Works Right Now

There are many railroad plans in the works right now for different parts of the country. These railroad plans, if they ever get started, will take very long to implement so they may not affect your life but they could affect your kids lives. Here is an overview of some of the proposed plans right now along with some information about the respective plan:

High Speed California Train

One plan which has gotten its fair share of press involves the high speed train from Los Angeles to San Francisco. The plan calls for a high speed train which can travel over 200 miles per hour to connect the two major Californian cities in a quick and efficient way. The problem with the plan is that the estimated costs are around $40 billion USD. When you combine this with the state of California’s well publicized fiscal problems, many wonder if this project will ever become a reality.

Amtrak High Speed Rail From Boston To Washington DC

Amtrak has recently proposed a plan to significantly increase the speed of its Northeast train which goes from Boston to DC. Its plan calls for an ultra high speed train which will go from Boston, to New York, to Philadelphia, to DC. The train will travel up to 220 miles per hour and it could generate up to $1 billion per year in revenue.
Similar to the California train, the cost of this project may make it never become a reality. With this plan involving multiple states, and highly populated areas, the costs and challenges are significantly greater than the California plan. The price tag could be over $100 billion but if it was ever built, it would make business travel up and down the east coast a breeze.
The Acela express currently offers a similar option to this new proposal, however the speed is much slower. The Acela can get you from Boston to DC in 6 and a half hours while this new high speed train would do it in about 3 and half hours. However, since there is already a high speed train, it makes the new plan less enticing for many US citizens.

The Sunshine State

A rail plan which doesn’t get talked about as much but which has solid potential involves the high speed rail plan in the state of Florida. The high speed train would go from Tampa to Orlando. In October, the DOT announced it will grant Florida $800 million in funds for the railroad initiative. This is on top of the $1.25 billion that was already given to Florida by the US government. With this funding received, and a solid plan to build the railroad in place – this project is looking good and it has great potential to connect Tampa and Orlando which are two of the most 80 populated cities in the US.

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